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Postwar Canadian 

Ship Listing

1945 - Present

Postwar Canadian Navy Ships
Aircraft Carriers
RN type light fleet carriers (3)
IROQUOIS class (DDH) anti-submarine destroyer (4)
ANNAPOLIS class (DDH) helicopter carrying destroyer escort (1)
MACKENZIE class (DDE) destroyer escort (4)
RESTIGOUCHE class (DDE) destroyer escort (7)
ST. LAURENT class (DDH) helicopter carrying destroyer escort (7)
TRIBAL class (DD / DDE) destroyer escort (7)
'C' class (DD / DDE) destroyer escort (2)
PRESTONIAN class ocean escort (21)
OBERON class (SS) patrol submarine (3)
Ex-USN (SS) submarine (2)
IX C type U-boat (2)
Mine Countermeasures Ships
ANTICOSTI class (MSA) mine-sweeping/laying auxiliary (2)
BAY class (MM/PB) minesweepers / patrol boats / training craft (20)
Replenishment Vessels &
Escort Maintenance Ships

PROVIDER class (AOR) multi-cargo supply ship (1)
CAPE class escort maintenance ship (2)
WIND class arctic patrol vessel (1)
Auxiliary Vessels
CORMORANT (ASL) diving support vessel (1)
ENDEAVOUR (AGOR) research and trials vessel (1)
BRAS d'OR class (FHE) fast hydrofoil escort (1)
Aircraft *
Argus  (CP-107) shore based maritime patrol aircraft (RCAF)
Fairey Firefly carrier borne anti-submarine aircraft
Grumman Avenger carrier borne anti-submarine aircraft
Grumman Tracker (CP 121) carrier borne anti-submarine aircraft
Hawker Sea Fury carrier borne fighter
McDonnel Banshee carrier borne fighter
Sikorsky S-55 (H04S)  carrier borne helicopter
Sikorsky Sea King ASW helicopter
Supermarine Seafire carrier borne fighter
* Aircraft operated by the Canadian Air Force from 1968.

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