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We hope you enjoy your visit to Haze Gray & Underway. Hazegray is one of the web's finest sites dedicated to ships and navies. We offer a wide array of resources related to naval history, current naval affairs, shipbuilding, maritime history, and naval and maritime photography.

Haze Gray and Underway was founded in 1994 by Andrew Toppan, in the "early days" of the web. Through various name changes and relocations over the years, this site has remained dedicated to providing the finest naval history information. Today Hazegray has grown to over 14,000 files, among them over 3,000 images. We are dedicated to maintaining this site as a world-class resource for naval, maritime, and shipbuilding history and news.

Today, Hazegray is the collaborative effort of several people who share an interest in the topics we have presented, and who donate their time to prepare the pages you see here. You will find the author's name listed at the bottom of each page on the site. Please remember, we are all doing this on a "part-time" basis, in our free time - we all have "real" jobs keeping us busy!

All the financial costs of Hazegray are paid by the webmaster, with the assistance of generous donations by other volunteers and visitors to the site. This site is totally non-commercial and receives absolutely no money for anything displayed on the site. Hazegray always has been, and always will be, completely free for our visitors.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here, but errors do happen. If you should find an error, please drop us an email, and the problem will be corrected as quickly as possible.

Some Hazegray Statistics
Here are some interesting statistics showing the size and popularity of Hazegray today....a long way from our start back in 1994, with a dozen text files!
How You Can Support Hazegray
We often receive inquiries from people wondering how they can "help us out". There are many ways you can help!

We're always looking for contributions of new material. Photos (collections or individual prints), old cruise books, logs, and any other historic documents are always welcomed. These items, either individually or with other materials, can form excellent features on Hazegray, while preserving and sharing a particular piece of history. If you're interested in contributing material, please drop us an email. We can provide scanning services for material provided to Hazegray, and we can assure you of the safe return of any materials you loan to us.

In addition, we're always looking for web authors who share our interests. If you're familiar with web authoring, and would like to create and maintain page/site on Hazegray, dealing with a particular topic of interest to you, please contact us. If you have an existing website that you can no longer maintain, we may be able to provide a "good home" for it on Hazegray - drop us an email and we'll try to work something out.

Project Benefactors

The following individuals and organizations have made financial contributions to support this website. Their generosity is truly appreciated!

Name/Organization Ship/Interest
Christopher Beaugrand  
Larry Behrens  
Patrick J. Bingham  
Peter Blemberg  
John R. Bloomer Sr.  
James L. Warsher  
William J. Bollinger  
USS Boston Shipmates, Inc. USS Boston (CA 69/CAG 1 & SSN 703)
Ralph Corley  
Clyde Crawford  
Merlin Dorfman  
ECOSAT Cabot/Dedalo
Martin Fisher  
James T. Flynn  
Richard F. Giguere  
Echols A. Hansbarger, Jr.  
Michael M. Hansen  
Karl Haywood  
David Keleshian  
Harry K. King  
Richard W. Lee  
Howard G. Macdonald  
Russell E. Matthews  
Sandy McClearn  
Farrell McGoohan  
Joseph L. McGrievy USS Seahorse (SS 304)
Richard Miller  
Ted Minter  
Robert J. Moe  
David Murphy  
Charles A. Novak  
Patricia Perrella Destroyer Escorts
Catherine L. Pope  
Ravi Rikhye  
Thomas A. Roell USS Douglas H. Fox (DD 779)
John H. Rooney  
Joel Shepherd USS Enterprise (CV 6)
Robert E. Skopek  
John W. Smith USS Silverstein (DE 534)
Frank Werner Jr.  
Fred W. Williams, Jr. USS Mosley (DE 321)
Robert D. Young USS Sederstrom (DE 31)

Thank You!

....The Haze Gray & Underway Web Team
Andrew Toppan
Sandy McClearn
Paul Yarnall

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