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World War 1 

Canadian Ship Listing


A bit of a misnomer, this list attempts to give an accurate and in-depth look at the ships that served with the Royal Canadian Navy from its inception in 1910 until 1930. This means that ships commissioned between the years of 1910 and 1930 are included here, although some of the ships may have been recommissioned for the Second World War. The ships here did not necessarily serve concurrently, nor did they necessarily serve with the RCN during the First World War.

World War 1 Canadian Navy Ships
  • ARETHUSA class light cruiser (1)
  • DIADEM class cruiser (1)
  • APOLLO class protected cruiser (1)

  • Destroyers

  • Admiralty 'S' type destroyer (2)
  • Thornycroft 'M' type destroyer (2)

  • Submarines

  • CH type submarine (2)
  • CC type submarine (2)

  • Trawlers and Minesweepers

  • BATTLE class trawler (12)
  • TR type large minesweeping trawler (45)
  • CD type trawler (37)
  • PV type trawler (7)

  • Converted Civilian Vessels

  • Various converted civilian vessels & yachts (21)


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