Haze Gray Mystery Picture #99 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the amphibous transport dock HMNLS Rotterdam (L800).

Rotterdam was commissioned in 1998 and is a near sister to the Spanish Galicia and Castilla. She differs from the Spanish ships in several ways, with the visible differences including the arrangement of radars and radomes, presence of a Goalkeeper CIWS, and the dark hull/light superstructure paint scheme. She is also diesel-electric powered, while the Spanish ships are driven by geared diesels.

Correct answers were received from: Alan Nummy, Andrew Chaplin, Anthony Vella, Antoni Casinos, Barry Gerrard, Bill Ullmann, Bob Thomasson, Brooks A. Rowlett, Bruce Paterson, C.Moran, Chris Galm, Chris Jones, Chris V, Christopher Poulos, Czéh György, Dale Shantz, Dave Jackson, Dave Lueck, Dave Mimms, Dave Schueler, Dave Shirlaw, David Briedis, David Manley, Douglas Cromby, Espen Arnestad, Friedrich Kappes, Garth Kidman, Greg Lof, Guilherme Cunha Medeiros da Silva, Guillaume Rueda, Henk van Willigenburg, Ian M Synge, Ian Olding, James Barrett, James Corley, James Rothbart, James T. Flynn, Jr., Jan de Vos, Jan J. Wits, JB Grimaud, Joe Poutre, John Kramer, Jörg Bihlmayr, Kevin D. Jones, Kristoffer Mogensen, Les Winner, Marco Ghiglino, Mark Karolus, Mark Robinson, Marsan Paolo, Massimiliano Stola, Maurizio Brescia, Meeuwis Smit, Michael Dreiucker, Miguel Larrea, Mike Jasinski, Mike Potter, Murat Albayrakoglu, Nigel Isherwood, Patricio Meezs R., Paul Carl, Paul Davison, Per Nordenberg, Phil Tuckey, Pieter Cornelissen, Raúl González Z., Richard Boss, Richard Coons, Richard Slade, Rob Locke, Robert H. Macdonald, Rune Aasgaard, Scott E. Brauer, Sergey Myagkov, Soh Xuan Hao, Stefan Devriendt, Steve Hissem, Stuart Miller, Sunho Beck, Tim Butler, Tim Lanzendoerfer, Timo Herrala, Tom Iamele, Vagan Mikaelian, Vance Justice, Ville Kivivirta, Ville Toivanen, Vincent Perrin, Visje, Warren Cochrane, Wi Jong-min, William F. Fessenden, Wim M. Vermeeren, Wouter Trioen, Yves Grangeon.

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