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Photographic Puzzles from Around the World

These Mystery Pictures give our readers a chance to test their naval knowledge and research skills by identifying various "mystery" ships, shipyards or other navy-related items. The pictures are drawn from various eras and nations, and cover everything from the commonplace to the bizarre and unique. It is our intent that each photo can be identified by good detective/research work; it should not be necessary to guess or to "get lucky" - although luck will certainly help!

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New photos are added regularly, and the answer to the previous Mystery Picture is announced when a new one is added. Each answer announcement also includes the name of everyone who submitted correct identification of that photo. Answer announcements will also be distributed to the newsgroup sci.military.naval and to the Martime History mailing list (MARHST-L). There is no prize for answering correctly, other than having your name published here.

Currently we are adding a new photo roughly every two weeks, on or around the 1st and 15th of each month.

Photos may be modified by removal of pennant numbers, names or flags that would trivialize identification of the photo. Other features of ships will not be removed or modified, nor will features be added for the purpose of deception.

We are not responsible for lost or misdirected answers, and to be considered correct your answer MUST uniquely identify the ship or scene in question.

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