Haze Gray Mystery Picture #97 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the cruiser-minelayer HMS Welshman entering Valetta Harbor, Malta, in 1942.

Welshman was one of six Adbiel class fast minelayers in the Royal Navy. Thanks to their great speed - well over 30 knots - these ships were useful in running cargoes to Malta during WWII, when enemy action threated to cut off that island's supplies. The Malta supply runs account for Welshman's altered appearance here - she is fitted with funnel caps and a painted-on deck line to hide her flush-deck design. This disguise was intended to make her resemble a French destroyer, thus to deter German attack. Welshman made about eight supply runs to Malta, but it is not known exactly when this disguise was employed. She was sunk by U-617 of Crete, 1 February 1943.

Correct answers were received from: James T. Flynn, Jr., John Gilbert, Barry Gerrard, Edmund Jankowski, William F. Fessenden, Mark James, Espen Arnestad, Mark Karolus, David Dubois, Jon Reeds, Edward Gradek, Gary J. MacDonald, Michael Dreiucker, Ronald Ehlert, Kim Moeller Petersen, Mike Potter, Michaej V. Paccione, Czh Gyrgy, Ryszard Czyszkiewicz, David F. Robinson, Michael Ekman, Jari Aromaa, Norman Cary, Brian Viglietti, Henk van Willigenburg, Chris Preston, Mike Jasinski, Ansel Hsiao, Charles H. Fleming, Franz Stultz, Jack Ray.

Photo Credit: Photo provided by Brooks Rowlett.

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