Haze Gray Mystery Picture #96 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the sunken target ship San Marcos, formerly the second-class battleship Texas.

Texas was the second "modern" battleship in the US Navy, although in reality she was quite obsolete when first commissioned in 1896. The highlight of her career was the Battle of Santiago de Cuba in 1898, where she helped destroy a Spanish squadron. Texas was in reserve from 1900 to 1902, then served with coast defense forces from 1902 to 1905. From 1908 to 1911 she served as the station ship at Charleston, SC; on 15 February 1911 she was renamed San Marcos to release her name for a new battleship. On 22 March 1911 San Marcos was sunk in firing trials on Chesapeake Bay.

Correct answers were received from: Andreas von Mach, Stuart Miller, James T. Flynn, Jr., John Duerkop, Theodore Leverett, Fred Rowe, Sergey Myagkov, Joseph Chase, Paul Silverstone, Mike Potter, David Briedis, Dave Mimms, Don C. Campbell, Chris V, Ed Truitt, Tom Whalen, Ric Pelvin, Barry Gerrard, James Wade, John Slocum, Greg Lof, Raymond O'Hara, Mike Penny, Bill Shaffer, Kurt Greiner, Axel Reif, Bill Ullmann, Bruce Paterson, Garth Kidman, Carsten Larsen, Carl Roland, Dave Haaf, Matt Glasener, John Samardza, David Williamson, Bill Marshall, Jon Yuengling, Ron Kozel, Byron P. Connell, Paul Osborne, Patricio Meezs R., John Bradford, Paul Hartwigsen, Gunter Krebs, James R. Swank, Mike Green, Tom Iamele, Paul Davison, Roger Britton, Tim Butler, Ronald Ehlert, Norman Callahan, Brooks A Rowlett, Joe Donahoe, Chris Cavas, Howard Stone, David J Wille, Robert J. Flanagan, Jr., Ian Evans, jJon Beach, steven sheppard, Alan Nummy, Chris Edwards, Russ Frevele, Stefan Beckhaus-Jakobi, James Coffin, Rune Aasgaard, Stewart McArthur, Don Canney, William J Bollinger, Espen Arnestad, Andy Breen, Kelly Jernigan, David Wadsworth, Jeff Sumpter, Joe Poutre, Kimble Hill, Jim Reed, Jim Mason, Randall Melton, TJ, Ed Taillon.

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