Haze Gray Mystery Picture #95 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Russian frigate Neustrashimyy.

Neustrashimyy was designed as a replacement for the much smaller 'Grisha' class ASW corvettes, and was intended as the lead ship of a large class. With the collapse of the Soviet Union she became a unique one-ship class, as two sisters were scrapped incomplete, a fourth ship was cancelled, and follow-on ships were never ordered. She has six 533mm (21") torpedo tubes, which can also launch SS-N-16 ASW missiles. As is typical of Soviet/Russian ships, she has a heavy defensive SAM battery, including four SA-N-9 VLS groups and SA-N-11 SAMs. She can also carry 16 Kh-35 (SS-N-25) SSMs, but these have not been installed.

Correct answers were received from: Mike Potter, James T. Flynn, Jr., Per Nordenberg, Barry Gerrard, Dave Shirlaw, Stuart Miller, Paul Davison, Mark Robinson, Pieter Cornelissen, Sergey Myagkov, Jonathan Tarrant, Charles Samardza, Jason R. Coleman, James Corley, Vagan Mikaelian, Brian Viglietti, Kurt Greiner, John Gilbert, J÷rg Bihlmayr, Paul J. Adam, Jan de Vos, Stefan Devriendt, Chris Jones, Dave Mimms, Theodore Leverett, Mike Baker, Eugenio Orsini, Patricio Meezs R., Murat Albayrakoglu, Bob Mackenzie, Edmund Jankowski, Joe Poutre, Tom Iamele, Joe Donahoe, Joseph Esposito, Espen Arnestad, Warren Cochrane, Claus Mansfeldt J°rgensen, Kelly Jernigan, Stephen Renouard, Greg Spyridis, Christopher Poulos, Barry Gerrard, Mark Robinson, Mario F.Rosner, Tim Butler, Marco Ghiglino, Brooks A Rowlett, Hamon Michael, Alvin Horhn, Timo Herrala, Daniel Erin Hunt, Ted Thorson, Nigel Isaherwood, Richard Boss, Johannes Ritter, Angel Boris, Mike Penny, RenÚ Laursen, Jeff Frankston, Friedrich Kappes, Robert Burns, Raul Gonzalez, Peter, J÷rg Bihlmayr, Jose M¬ Serrano, Daz Tindall, Bill Ullmann, Anthony Vella, Joseph Caruana, E. Macneil, Sergey Lossev, Wolfgang Hopf, Alan Nummy, Francesco Fasola, Ian M. Synge.

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