Haze Gray Mystery Picture #94 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the ironclad ram USS Atlanta.

Atlanta was built in Scotland as the merchant steamer Fingal, apparently for Confederate interests. In November of 1861 she ran the US blockade into the Confederate port of Savannah, GA. Unable to escape from that port, she was taken into the Confederate Navy and converted to an ironclad ram. She was renamed CSS Atlanta and entered service mid-1862. On 17 June 1863 Atlanta challenged the Union ships blockading Savannah, and was engaged by the monitors Nahant and Weehawken. In the course of the battle Atlanta ran aground, and the Union ships forced her surrender.

The captured Atlanta was taken into the US Navy and recommissioned in Feburary 1864 as USS Atlanta. After service in the James River, she was decommissioned at Philadelphia in June 1865. In May of 1869 she was sold. Her final fate is not recorded, but reportedly she became the Haitian warship Triumph and vanished off Cape Hatteras in December 1869, presumably en route to Haiti.

Correct answers were received from: Kevin J. Foster, James Burdette, Rolf Kappe, Kelly Jernigan, Jason R. Coleman, Loren C. Mac Iver, Ward C. Douglas, Stefan Beckhaus-Jakobi, C. Patrick Hreachmack, James T. Flynn, Jr., Brian Viglietti, Al Blevins, Don Nelson, John O'Keefe, Sal Mercogliano, Bruce Paterson, Stan Prichard, Goodyear Walker, Joe Chase, William Vickrey, Kevin Jones, Steve Alvin, Jerry D. Church, Espen Arnestad, Brooks A Rowlett, James Corley, Tim Harrison, Butch Like, David Wadsworth, Ted Minter, Paul Silverstone, John Bradford, Adam Rehorn, Alex Zhurbal, Dave Mimms, Stephen W. Lehman, Steven Sheppard, Warren Cochrane, James Wade, Greg Lof, Mike Barclay, Nick Antone, Jr., Bayyr Burst, Axel Reif, Edgar Dutkowski, Alan Nummy, Tim Butler, Robert Kennedy, John H. Murdock, Lee Heydolph, Ed Hawk, Tom Iamele, Patricio Meezs R., Albert Hilliard, Michael Bunch, Ben Rose, Joe Donahoe, Keith Spoelker, Andrew Derby, Stefan Devriendt, Ben Kern, Ken Rice, Stephen Martin, Howard Koch, Scott E. Brauer, David Beasley, Jack A Green, Michael J. Fitzgerald, Allen Waldo, Wendell Boggs, Randall Melton, Murat Albayrakoglu, William C. Baker, Alvin Horhn.

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