Haze Gray Mystery Picture #158 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Royal Navy destroyer Stronghold.

Stronghold was one of the numerous 'S' class destroyers constructed around the end of WWI. This was an era of experimental aircraft operations, and while Senator of this class was fitted with an aircraft platform aft, Stronghold carried this unusual catapult right forward. Presumably she reverted to a standard configuration after the trials period, and catapults of this type did not become commonplace. Although most of her class was sold out of service in the 1930's, Stronghold survived into WWII. She was sunk by the Japanese on 4 March 1942.

Correct answers were received from: Philip Morten, Yves Grangeon, Helmut Heisler, Maurizio Brescia, Bob Todd, David Manley, Bob Harmer, Ed Schweikart, John C. Janeczek, Kenji Nozaki, Dave Mallinson, Brian Greenall, Patricio Meezs R., Antonio Veiga, Vance Justice, Tony Lovell, Chris Buja, Tim Hogan, Stephen M. Willis, Bill Rhodes, Peter Corbett, Bjoern Rehnfeldt, D. Becker.

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