Haze Gray Mystery Picture #157 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the US Coast Guard cutter Cobb (WPG 181).

Cobb was one of many civilian vessels taken into the Coast Guard during WWII. She had been constructed in 1906 as the coastal steamer Governor Cobb, and was taken over in 1943. Such a vessel would normally be unremarkable, but Cobb was fitted with a landing platform for experimental helicopter operations, in the very first days of shipboard helicopter operations. In this role she pioneered the now-routine business of landing helicopters aboard ships. Cobb was scrapped in 1947.

Correct answers were received from: Jim Rohde, Chris Galm, Ron Cocuzzi, Joe Donahoe, Steve Levine, Joseph Poutre, Paolo Marsan, Tim Butler, David Briedis, Jim Davis, Johannes Ritter, Helmut Skrdla, Serge Maliar, Ricardo Graa Matias, Bill Vickrey, Barry Gerrard, Howard J Koch, Al Penney, Be rnard Martin, Dwayne Nutting, Rob Day, Siemon Wezeman, W. L. Stunkel, Robert P. Sables, Marty Bollinger, Bob Harmer, Chris Woodyard, RICK Barton, Jouko K. Lehmusto, William F. Fessenden, Dave Cassell, Mike Green, Jeff Noakes, Scott Davison, Bob Todd, EA MacNeil, John K. Maloney, Jrn Kiel Nielsen, Steve Carlson, John C. Janeczek, John W. Littrell, Howard Brower, Espen Arnestad, William J. Cooke, Czh Gyrgy, Adam Smigielski, Stephen M. Willis, David Robbins, Donald Peteya, Brian Greenall, Scott Lawalin, Craig Gagnon, Steven Dulepka, Serge Nemirovsky, John A. Thoma, Ken Soderlund, Yves Grangeon, Yann Clochec, Douglas Peterson, James Corley, Wolfgang Hopf, J Hulley, Ville Toivanen, Mark Thomas, Jim Thayer, Rich Mathsen, Bill Leuters, Tim Hogan, Bob Crawfor d, Ed Vitali, Jon Cochran, Jim Klinger, Hans van der Maarel, Rich Austin, Paul Campbell, Daniel Smith, Tony Lovell, William Novobilsky, James T. Flynn, Jr., Kevin J. Foster, Dan Rausch, Kenji Nozaki, Jerrold Reynolds, Ed Schweikart, Greg Lof, Don Rdeniser, Carsten Larsen.

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