Haze Gray Mystery Picture #155 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Soviet submarine salvage ship Karpati.

Completed in 1967, Karpaty was designated Project 530, and was known to NATO as the 'Nepa' class. A unique ship among the Soviet Union's large and varied salvage fleet, her stern housed two cranes with a combined lift capacity of 750 tons. She had numerous other cranes and booms, and a submarine rescue chamber can be seen midships on the port side. Karpaty started a refit in 1989, but the work was not finished and by 1994 she was was out of service at Kronshtadt. She remains there today, although there was another short-lived attempt to overhaul the ship after the Kursk disaster.

Correct answers were received from: James T. Flynn, Jr., Barry Lake, John Gourley, Jason R. Coleman, Dave Summerscales, Stefan Devriendt, Jrn Kiel Nielsen, Bob Todd, Dave Mimms, Maurizio Brescia, Antonio Veiga, Bob Harmer, Bill Vickrey, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Sergey Myagkov, Antti Raittinen, Max Laubli, Barry Gerrard, Dave Buber, Kenji Nozaki, Sergey Shlimonov, James Corley, David Briedis, William J. Cooke, Paul Campbell, Helmut Heisler, Javier Hueso, Michael Flora, Ed Schweikart, Paolo Marsan, Brian Viglietti, Rob Locke, Steve Levine, Dave Mallinson, Yves Grangeon, Wouter Trioen, Espen Arnestad, Adam Smigielski, Czh Gyrgy, Ron Cocuzzi, John K. Maloney, John Bradford, Mazzoleni Michel, Carsten Larsen, Steve Bush, Michel Videau, Chris Woodyard, Ingo Hohm, Timo Herrala, Werner L. Stunkel, Andy VanRysdam, Pieter Cornelissen, Art Niemoller, William F. Fessenden, Richard Lee Wong, Rich Austin, Richard Strangman.

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