Haze Gray Mystery Picture #154 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Royal Navy second class battleship Centurion.

Centurion and her sister Barfleur were smaller versions of the Royal Sovereign class ships, built for service on China and Pacific stations. They carried a main armament of four 10" guns, reduced from four 13.5" weapons in the corresponding first class battleships. Centurion is distinguished from her sister by the four curved ventilation cowls extending forward of the funnels; Barfluer had two larger, vertical cowls.

Centurion was completed in 1894 and served on China station until 1905, with a reconstruction at Portsmouth in 1903-1905. After 1905 she had periods in reserve, and was sold for scrapping in 1910, after only 16 years' service.

Correct answers were received from: David E Jones, Lance Kopplin, Peter VanMaasdam, David Briedis, Peter Beeston, Duane Funk, James T. Flynn, Jr., Bob Todd, Stephen M. Willis, Rune Aasgaard, Lars Scharff, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Stuart Miller, Bob Harmer, John W. Littrell, James Wade, Brian Viglietti, Joseph Chase, Chris Estes, Javier Hueso, Rusty Bloxom, Robert Kohn, Mike Cooper, David Buber, Charley Seavey, Paul Davison, Bill Stout, Mick Halcrow, Bo Nordström, Richard Lee Wong, Rick Espanol, William J. Cooke, Byron P. Connell, TJ, Russ Frevele, Dwayne Nutting, John Bradford, Florent Sornat, Ian Smith, Yves Grangeon, Craig Robbins, Ville Toivanen, Tim Hogan, George Byng, Dave Mallinson, Jim Hohenwarter, Greg Warren, Carsten Larsen, David Retzki, Robert Apfelzweig, Bob Wankel, Bill Vickrey, Patricio Meezs R., Dave Summerscales, Will Dowling, John K. Maloney, Masaki Ogasawara, Mike Barrett, Peter Corbett, John Parkinson, Mazzoleni Michel, Mike Farquharson-Roberts, Ka Wing Lo, John Hendershot, Austin Roper, William Mitchell, Aleksander Jaworski, Espen Arnestad, Jim Rohde, James E. Smith, Bruce Paterson, Maurizio Brescia, Scott Odell, Tom Hardesty, Timothy Crick, Chris Woodyard, Edgar Dutkowski, Bill Marshall, Mike Esposito, Gunter Krebs, John Askeland, Steve Hissem, Brian Greenall, Todd Dunn, Jose Rafael Bello Ruiz, Tom Lundy, Ronald Ehlert, Christoph Gätje, Anthony Lovell, Grant E. Buehrer.

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