Haze Gray Mystery Picture #153 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Japanese target ship Hakachi.

Hakachi was the first Japanese ship built specifically for use as a target. Although the raised deck gives the appearance of an aircraft carrier, it was actually meant to protect her against practice bombs. Completed in 1943, the 1600-ton ship was soon armed as an escort for wartime service. She survived the war but was scrapped soon after.

Correct answers were received from: Bill Vickrey, Masahiko Toshima, William J. Cooke, Paolo Marsan, Yves Grangeon, Barry Gerrard, Jrn Kiel Nielsen, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Maurizio Brescia, David Briedis, Bob Todd, Dave Mallinson, James T. Flynn, Jr., Bob Harmer, Jeff Benson, Brian Viglietti, E A MacNeil, Czh Gyrgy, John C. Janeczek, Lars Scharff, Ric Pelvin, Jack Nisley, Brian Watts, Shawn Mc Cully, Hashimoto hush Motohilo, Joe Smith, Kenji Nozaki, Dale Shantz, Scott Odell, Lai-shun Poon, Kim Moeller Petersen, Edgar Dutkowski, Ian Evans, Espe n Arnestad, Richard Lee Wong, Carsten Larsen, Mike Doerner, James Corley, Rick Espanol, David E Jones, Mazzoleni Michel, Bob Wankel, Charley Seavey, John Snyder, Jim Rohde, Donald Peteya, Sid Ishus.

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