Haze Gray Mystery Picture #151 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the French protected cruiser Tage.

Tage was the second protected cruiser in the French navy. She shows the tumblehome hull and ram bow that were very common in French ships, and the heavy sailing rig common in this transitional era. The first French protected cruiser, Sfax, is seen in the background. Tage was completed in 1890, and re-boilered in 1900. She was stricken 10 years later, already long obsolete.

Correct answers were received from: Jouko K. Lehmusto, Yves Grangeon, Dave Sowdon, James T. Flynn, Jr., Hunt Lewis, Kevin J. Foster, Bob Harmer,Reinhart Fenn, Jrn Kiel Nielsen, Richard Lee Wong, Barry Gerrard, Dave Mallinson, Lars Scharff, David F. Robinson., Sergey Myagkov, Florent Sornat, Paolo Marsan, Jose Rafael Bello Ruiz, Carsten Larsen, Paul Davison, Sid Ishus, Christoph Gtje, Olav A. Rssaak, Anthony Lovell, Kris Kimmons, Eric Malain, James Wade, Tim Hogan, Art Niemoller, Ian Evans, James E. Smith, Stamatios Koutsoukos, Guerin Jean-Pierre, Stefano Francinetti, Patricio Meezs R., Brian Viglietti, Kenji Nozaki, Bob Schall, Jon Yuengling, William Novobilsky, Matt Thirkell, Peter Corbett, Edgar Dutkowski, Gerd Rothkopf, Davide Pagliani, Steve Levine, Michael Flora, John Hendershot, Espen Arnestad, Adam Smigielski, Giorgio Malfanti, Grant E. Buehrer, Michael Lowrey, John Bradford, Don Hanna, Dr Vincent Mifsud, Andrew Shelley, Matt Levine, Duane Funk, Jack Nisley, Will Dowling, Czh Gyrgy, Tim Butler, Steve Carlson, Steven Toby, David Briedis, Rick Espanol, Don Brady, Gary Acheson, Bill Vickrey, Donald Peteya, JM Serrano, Bob Todd.

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