Haze Gray Mystery Picture #148 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is USS Mindanao (ARG 3).

Mindanao was a Liberty Ship constructed for the Maritime Commission at Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore. She was acquired by the Navy immediately after launch and was converted to an internal combustion engine repair ship (ARG), commissioning 6 November 1943.

Mindanao served her entire career in the Pacific, supporting advancing US forces. She was at Seeadler Harbor, Manus, on 10 November 1944 when the ammunition ship Mount Hood (AE 11), and her 3,800 ton cargo of munitions, blew up at anchor. Although Mindanao was anchored 350 yards from the ammunition ship, she suffered severe damage. In this view a variety of landing craft from nearby ships have gathered around to render aid to the damaged ship and to remove wounded sailors. 180 of Mindanao's crew were killed or wounded in the explosion. Damage to the ship was repaired by her own crew with help from Seabees and the old repair ship Medusa (AR 1), and Mindanao was repairing engines again by 21 December 1944.

Mount Hood was completely demolished by the explosion. Total casualties were 45 dead, 327 missing, and 371 injured. The only survivors from Mount Hood's crew were 18 men who were ashore when the ship exploded.

Mindanao was decommissioned in 1947 and went into the Maritime Commission's reserve fleet.

Correct answers were received from: Dave Spence, Tim Butler, Ersal S. Kronflogger, Steve Hissem, Czéh György, William F. Fessenden, Jim Thayer, Doug Cook, Marty Bollinger, Axel Reif, Warren Cressman, Robert P. Sables, Serge Maliar, Kenji Nozaki, Barry Gerrard, Stephen M. Willis, John Worth, Ronald C. Ehlert, Gunter Krebs, Tom Hayden, Joe Donahoe, David Briedis, Rick Kennett, Sam Betterton, David Derkits, Howard J Koch, Jason A. Britton, Sonja van den Ende, Chris White, Austin Roper, Mike Green, Kempton Baldridge, Derek Strahan, Rob Day, Ken Ludington, John Cheevers, Al Gummerson, Heywood Jablomey, Johnny Hartvig Olsen, Tim Hogan, Lars Scharff, Jeff Benson, Michael Dreiucker, Debuyuck Robert, Eric Malain, Tim Poe, Rusty Bloxom, Randy Fro, Randy Townsend, Mike Doukas, Terry Wright, John Garnet, Matt Franko, Antonio Veiga, Rainer Rehbein, Philip Hungate, Larry Johnson, Jeff Noakes, Bill Marshall, Steve Carlson, Tom Perkins, David Dubois, James E. Smith, Bob Harmer, Mike Baker, Michael R. Flora, Ed Young, Pieter Cornelissen, Roger J. Pasternak, Daniel V. Smith, Fred Sleeper, Oren Williams, Ed Schwiekart, Chris Galm, Richard Lee Wong, Dave Mallinson, Marc Piché, Martin Käser, Jim Haw, Clyde Banks, Gary Acheson, Carsten Edelberger, Colleen Christensen, John B. Klein, Mike Esposito, Jari Aromaa, Steve Levine, Dave Burhenn, W.A. Mitchell, Kerim Bozkurt, Baots Romano/Boats Tallman, Christopher Nord, Brian J Greenall, Aaron Grahn.

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