Haze Gray Mystery Picture #147 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the turret ship HMS Wivern.

Wivern was a powerful ironclad turret ship ordered by the Confederate States Navy in 1862 as CSS Mississippi. While under construction at Laids, Birkenhead, England, she was given a false identity as an Egyptian ship named El Monassir. The British government saw through this deception and seized the ship in 1863. The former CSN ironclad was taken into the Royal Navy, commissioning in 1865. Wivern was distinguished from her sister HMS Scorpion by the struts on her masts, which made her the first warship with tripod masts.

Wivern's seagoing career was short, as warship technology was advancing rapidly. By 1868 she was reduced to duty as a guardship, with a decade in reserve followed by 14 years as a guardship at Hong Kong. She was hulked in 1904 and sold in 1922.

Correct answers were received from: Christopher Olson, David T. Okamura, Jamie Gerbyshak-Szudy, Jason A. Britton, Masahiko Toshima, Ric Pelvin, Peden Harley, James T. Flynn, Jr., Bill Marshall, Zhurbal Alex, Lee Heydolph, Pat Brown, Raymond O'hara, Richard Lee Wong, Philip Hungate, Jeff Spencer, Jeff Noakes, Peden Harley, James T. Flynn, Jr., Peden Harley, Bill Marshall, Bob Todd, Bob Harmer, Kelly Jernigan, Gary Acheson, Kevin Jones, John H. Murdock, Bradley E. Foster, Doug Cook, Joseph Chase, Dave Mimms, Brooks A Rowlett, Al Gummerson, Mike Potter, John Hendershot, Mike Cooper, Maurizio Brescia, John Bradford, David F. Robinson, Scott Betterton, Gary Landrum, Joe Donahoe, Nick L. Snyder, Tim Butler, Rusty Bloxom, Lars Scharff, Hunt Lewis, William Mitchell, Tom Hardesty, Espen Arnestad, Jose Bello, Jouko K. Lehmusto, David Briedis, Olav A. Røssaak, Nigel Isherwood, Nathan Peteya, James Burdette, Bob Wankel, Johan Bertilsson, Steve Lehman, Steven Toby, Todd Dunn, John Greenwood, Brian Viglietti, Will Dowling, Fred Rowe, Roger J. Pasternak, Anthony Lovell, Grant Volle, Alan J. Staiman, Rob Day, Rainer Rehbein, Ståle Harang, Florent Sornat, Gerd Rothkopf, Chris White, Rick Espanol, David Retzki, Dave Mallinson, Ross France, Masaki Ogasawara, James Corley, Jason Hair, Rich Austin, Timothy Crick, Marc Nucup, Robb Jensen, Stuart Miller, Scott E. Brauer, Anthony Edgar, Jørn Johansen, Art Niemoller, Chris Galm, Russ Frevele, Heywood Jablomey, Dirk Prusok, Peter Gzinnia, Rodolfo Castro, John Maloney, John E. Buck, Bill Rhodes.

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