Haze Gray Mystery Picture #141 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

These are the ex-German destroyers G 102, V 43 and S 132 at Norfolk, in 1921.

All three of these destroyers were interned at Scapa Flow at the end of WWI, and all were scuttled by their crews in the German fleet's final act of defiance. The trio was salvaged and towed to the US after the former German ships were allocated to the Allied nations. They were the only German destroyers brought across the Atlantic. Their stripped, cluttered condition indicates their out-of-service status; in fact all will soon be sunk as targets.

Correct answers were received from: James T. Flynn, Jr., Al Gummerson, Bob Harmer, Dave Mallinson, Espen Arnestad, Richard Lee Wong, Kenji Nozaki, Yves Grangeon.

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