Haze Gray Mystery Picture #127 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the cruiser HMS Raleigh, wrecked at Point Armour, Labrador, Canada.

Raleigh was completed in 1921 as the third Cavendish class cruiser, designed as a raider-hunter for distant service. She was barely more than a year old when she steamed into a thick fog in the Belleisle Strait and stranded on Point Armour, becoming a total loss. In this view she has been stripped of much of her equipment, including much of her superstructure, all guns, and her forward funnel. The wreck was blown up in 1927.

Correct answers were received from: Kenji Nozaki, Barry Lake, Barry Gerrard, Peter Beeston, David A. Becker, Masaki Ogasawara, Yves Grangeon, Lars Scharff, Ricardo Graša Matias, Aris Bilalis, Ric Pelvin, Mark Lawden, John Duerkop, Espen Arnestad, Lionel Teed, Michael Dreiucker, James Pinker ton, Stefan Devriendt, David Dubois, EA MacNeil, Miha Steinbuecher, Siemon Wezeman, Ian Evans, Peter Sims, David Briedis, Ted Coates, Pat Brown, Edgar Dutkowski, Bob Harmer, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Mick Halcrow, David DeVoss, Masahiko Toshima, John Bradford, F rank Doyle, Steve Hissem, Vance Justice, A. J. Daverede, Russ Frevele, J°rn Kiel Nielsen, William Sharpe, Peter VanMaasdam, Carsten Hackenbroch, Johan Bertilsson, Monty Mills, Brian J Greenall, Mark Thomas, Paul Silverstone, Daniel James, Rich Austin, Wil liam F. Fessenden, Ian Smith, Bob Todd, Peter Corbett, Wayne Creber, Tom Hardesty, Curtis Croulet.

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