Haze Gray Mystery Picture #122 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Japanese carrier Katsuragi after WWII.

Katsuragi was one of the few Japanese carriers to survive WWII, although heavy damage from a late-war raid is evident. She was the third ship of the Unryu class carriers, being completed in October 1944. Although she completed her sea trials, she was never employed operationally for lack of aircraft, pilots, and fuel. Despite her damage she was able to get underway postwar, and was scrapped in 1947. Katsuragi fared much better than the other ships of her class - Unryu was sunk by submarine torpedoes, Amagi was bombed and capsized in port, and the remaining three ships were never completed.

Correct answers were received from: Antonio Veiga, Fred Rowe, Jeff Frankston, Mark Lawden, Bill Vickrey, Lance Kopplin, Masahiko Toshima, Marty Bollinger, Masaki Ogasawara, Jason Britton, David Briedis, David T. Okamura, Yves Grangeon, Axel Reif, Bill Rhodes, Marc Nucup, Theodore Leverett, Steve Langevin, William J Bollinger, John O'Keefe, Maurizio Brescia, Bob Harmer, Rich Austin, Javier Hueso, Joseph Chase, Bruce T. Swain, Stephen Taylor, Brooks A Rowlett, Werner L. Stunkel, Johan Bertilsson, Peter Johnson, Alexander Förster, Peter VanMaasdam, Manas Iksanov, Dave Becker, Jeff Spencer, Klebert L. Hall, Anken Yasuda, James T. Flynn, Jr., Aleksander Jaworski, Aleksander Jaworski, Brian Viglietti, Kenji Nozaki, Garth Kidman, Chris Galm, Stephen Willis, Mike Doukas, Don Andrews, Nigel Isherwood, Rick Espanol, Kevin Stewart, Arthur R. Hoffman, Espen Arnestad, Jarek Skapski, Jim Davis, T.J. Simons V, Carsten Larsen, J. E. Pflanz, Scott E. Brauer, Elmar Vitt, Steve Hissem, Ronald Ehlert, Jeff Benson, Christopher Poulos, joseph Zieba, Dorian Jung, Don Eaton, Jack Ray, Bill Ullmann, Nick L. Snyder, Keith D Plymale, Barry Gerrard, Edgar Dutkowski, Goke Satera, Pat Brown, James Pinkerton, Grzegorz Nowak, Loren Mac Iver, Davide Pagliani, Rick Midkiff, Donald Williams, Tim Butler, R.C. Frevele, Rick Heinbaugh, Czéh György, Ersal S. Kronflogger, Colleen Christensen, Ray Comas, Bob Henneman.

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