Haze Gray Mystery Picture #120 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the armored ram CSS Stonewall.

Stonewall was the only seagoing armored ship commissioned in the Confederate Navy, although her service was brief and uneventful. She was built for the Confederates in France as CSS Sphinx, but the government there would not allow her delivery. Her builders sold her to the Danes, but they would not accept her after their war with Prussia and Austria ended. The shipyard then resold her to the Confederacy, who commissioned her as CSS Stonewall in January 1865 while still in European waters. For her trans-Atlantic voyage she carried the names Staerkodder and Olinde. The armored ram arrived at Havana in May 1865, after the war had ended, and she was promptly surrendered to the Spanish, then to the US.

Stonewall is seen here in a US port following the Civil War. She saw no US Navy service, and was sold to Japan as Kotetsu in 1867. Later renamed Azuma, she was sold out of service in 1891.

As built, Stonewall was armed with a single 10 inch gun in a fixed "turret" at the bow, and two 6.4 inch guns in a casemate at the stern.

Stonewall's sistership Cheops was sold by her builders to Prussia as Prinz Adalbert.

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