Haze Gray Mystery Picture #119 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Royal Navy turret ship HMS Dreadnought.

Although not as famous as the later battleship of the same name, Dreadnought was one of the first mastless, seagoing turret battleships, a type that evolved to into the common "predreadnought" designs. Completed in 1879, she was an enlarged version of the previous Devastation class design, and was a somewhat better seaboat. She remained in first-line service through 1894, after which she was reduced to coastal and harbor service until placed in reserve in 1905 and sold in 1908.

She is shown here in drydock, showing her massive underwater hull and ram bow, round forward turret, and distinctive mast and funnels. Although her freeboard seems low by modern standards, it was quite high for ships of her type.

Correct answers were received from: Kevin J. Foster, James T. Flynn, Jr., Andrew Moore, David T. Okamura, Andy Breen, Masaki Ogasawara, David Briedis, J. Kiel Nielsen, Kelly Jernigan, Steve Hissem, Bob Harmer, Doug Cook, John Duerkop, John Hendershot, Christopher Olson, Jarek Skapski, Mac McArthur, Pieter Cornelissen, Michael Hagerty, Dave Mimms, Todd Dunn, Mark Lawden, Hashimoto Motohilo, Dave Wyckoff, Paul Davison, Anthony Lovell, Paat Brown, David DeVoss, Dwayne Nutting, Don Hanna, James Wade, Werner L. Stunkel, Reinhart Fenn, Klaus Hal ler, J. E. Pflanz, Joseph Chase, Espen Arnestad, John Bradford, Carsten Larsen, Mike Cooper, Byron P. Connell, Jason Britton, Gerson Mascarenhas, Craig Robbins, Ednan Khera, Bill Ullmann, Edgar Dutkowski, Rich Austin, Joe Donahoe, Czéh György, Nigel Isher wood, Art Niemoller, Shane Parker, Christoph Peeters, Ed Taillon, Terry Carpenter, Kevin D. Jones, Benjamin Cushwa.

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