Haze Gray Mystery Picture #118 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is USS T-35 (DD 935), formerly the German torpedo boat T-35, underway off Boston on 14 September 1945.

T-35 was one of two ex-German destroyers commissioned into the US Navy after WWII, the other being the much larger Z-39 (DD 939). After evaluation by the Navy, T-35 was sold to France in 1947 for use as a parts hulk to support other ex-German vessels in French service.

Correct answers were received from: Brian Corijn, James T. Flynn, Jr., Christoph Peeters, Sergey Myagkov, Javier Hueso, James Barrett, Kevin J.Foster, Mike Potter, Howard J Koch, Masaki Ogasawara, David Briedis, Kelly Jernigan, Ed Schweikart, J. Kiel Nielsen, Jens Ratkowski, Werner L. Stunkel, Jörg Bihlmayr, Ian Evans, Miha Steinbuecher, Tom Stoodley, Barry Gerrard, Martin Käser, David A. Becker, Joseph Chase, Davide Pagliani, Espen Arnestad, Anthony Lovell, Czéh György, Gunter Krebs, Michael Hagerty, James Harrison, Bob Harmer, Joachim Schmid, Steve Hissem, Stefan Devriendt,J.E. Pflanz, Peter J Jones, Bilalis Aris, Maurizio Brescia, G. Buleca, Randy Townsend, Warren Cressman, Harry W. Weese, Craig Howard, Art Niemoller, Andrew Moore, Rick Lundin, CDR Mike Fitzgerald, Bill Vickrey, Nigel Isherwood, EA MacNeil, Antti Raittinen, Mike Cooper, Akos Gergely, Jacek Dunin-Wasowicz, Wolfgang Hopf, Dave Jackson, Johan Bertilsson, Edgar Dutkowski, Bill Rhodes, Douglas Krauss, Mac McArthur, Bill Ullmann, Brooks A Rowlett, Carsten Larsen, Eugenio Orsini, David T. Okamura, Sigurd Gjerde, Dorian Jung, Dwayne Nutting, Mark Lawden.

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