Haze Gray Mystery Picture #116 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the ballistic missile submarine Daniel Webster (SSBN 626).

Daniel Webster was unique among US Navy SSBN's in having bow-mounted diving planes, as shown here. After 26 years in strategic deterrent service, she was decommissioned and stricken in 1990. However, unlike other aged submarines, she was not scrapped. Instead Daniel Webster has become an immobilized dockside nuclear reactor training facility at Charleston, SC, with Sam Rayburn (SSBN 635). Both subs have their entire ballistic missile compartment cut out to remove them from the ranks of strategic missile platforms.

Correct answers were received from: Rick Barton, Dave Shirlaw, Patrick Vera, James T. Flynn, Jr., Chuck Till, Masaki Ogasawara, Rick Heinbaugh, Theodore Leverett, Mike Green, David Briedis, Fabio Pea, Barry Lake, Rob Locke, Bill Vickrey, Tom Daniels, Andy VanRysdam, Howard J. Koch, Brooks Rowlett, Johan Bertilsson, Stamatios Koutsoukos, kelly Jernigan, Rick Crockett, Tim Carder, Eric Hansel, Tim Butler, William F. Fessenden, Warren Cressman, Steve Hissem, Mike Penny, Werner L. Stunkel, kris kimmons, Bill Rhodes, Ian Evans, Michael Dreiucker, Lars Eriksson, Rick Lundin, Phil Tuckey, Stefan Devriendt, Tom Hardesty, Barry Gerrard, Carlos Diaz, Duane Funk, James Harrison, Glenn Kaupin, Clifford Bossie, Maurizio Brescia, Harry W. Weese, Jeffrey LaRue, Joseph Chase, John H. Murdock, Ken Lusk, Steve O'Connell, John Donnan, David Keleshian, LTJG Robert M. Woods USNR, Farlan Clutters, Wolfgang Hopf, Bill Wightman, Espen Arnestad, Keith D Plymale, John Winsley, Dale Shantz, Oren Williams, Dave Nilsen, keith johnson, Czh Gyrgy, Bob Smart, Peter McDaniel, Yves Grangeon, Dave Schueler, Doug Blaha, Peter Stulting, Wendell McLaughlin, Norbert Huang.

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