Haze Gray Mystery Picture #114 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the icebreaker Burton Island (AG 88).

Burton Island was one of seven Wind class icebreakers built for the US Navy and US Coast Guard. She and Edisto were built for the Navy and later transferred to the Coast Guard, while the others were Coast Guard vessels from the start. Several of the vessels were also loaned to the Soviet Union, and two of the USCG vessels served in the Navy after WWII. Burton Island is probably better known by her later Navy designation, AGB 1, assigned in 1949; or by her Coast Guard designation, WAGB 283, assigned upon her transfer in 1966. She was stricken by the Coast Guard in 1978 and disposed of.

Correct answers were received from: James T. Flynn, Jr., Czéh György, Michael Dreiucker, Serge Maliar, Masaki Ogasawara, Joe Donahoe, Steve Hissem, Randy Leo, Thoralf Doehring, Joseph Chase, Randall Melton, Rob Locke, Akos Gergely, Anthony Vella, David Briedis, Ed Schweikart, Sully, Mike Green, Allen Hazen, Bill Rhodes, Miguel Larrea-Torres, John Winsley, Oren Williams, William H. Theil, Karl T. Stevenson II, Heather Stevenson, Crystal Stevenson, Patricio Meezs R., Matthias Ahrens, Barry Burst, Gunter Krebs, Fred Rowe, Christopher Poulos, Christoph Gaetje, D.H. Wadsworth, Howard J Koch, James B. Morris, Dwayne Nutting, Rick Barton, Ken Lusk, Wolfgang Hopf, Carl Roland, J.E.Pflanz, William F. Fessenden, John Bradford, Randy Townsend, Al Gummerson, Joseph Esposito, Greg Yantz, Hashimoto Motohilo, John A. Thoma, Chris Galm, Garth Kidman, Tom Hardesty, Pat Brown, Jeffrey Sharp, Tom Cox, Don Eaton, Colleen Christensen, Mike Martin, William Mitchell.

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