Haze Gray Mystery Picture #113 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the South African fleet replenishment ship Drakensberg (A301).

Drakensberg is a distinctive and unique fleet support ship, configured to carry and transport both fuels and solid cargo in support of distant deployments. She has also been used for patrol and SAR work in the absence of major surface combatants in the South African fleet. Drakensberg is the largest ship ever constructed in South Africa.

Correct answers were received from: Stefan Devriendt, Sergey Myagkov, James T. Flynn, Jr., David Briedis , Rob Locke, Anthony Vella, Mick Halcrow, Mark Rasmussen, Barnaby Hone , Joseph Gambino, Matthew Gambino, Paul Carl, Michael Dreiucker, Brian Wentzell, Charles Cawood, Paolo Marsan, Vanloo Marc Belgium, John Bradford, Chris Jones, Vincent Perrin, Michel Videau, Yves Grangeon, Masaki Ogasawara, Dave Shirlaw, Tim Butler, Geoff Howard, Ian Smith, Maurizio Brescia, John Gourley, Howard J Koch, Guillaume Rueda, Espen Arnestad, Ka Wing Lo, Leo Fischer, Gerry van Gylswyk, Wolfgang Hopf, Les Winner, Mike Turnbull, Mac, Daniel Ferro, Johan Bertilsson, Alex Bengtsson, Patrick Vera, Art Niemoller, Czéh György, Johannes Ritter, eamacneil, Barry Gerrard, Nick Lowe, Stuart Miller.

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