Haze Gray Mystery Picture #106 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Siamese (Thai) cruiser-yacht Maha Chakrkri.

Although classified as a protected cruiser, and built to a cruiser-type design, this vessel was very lightly armed and armored, and was outfitted as the royal yacht. Her yacht role is evidenced by the numerous ports along the upper deck, extra superstructure and awnings, and the large and numerous ship's boats. Launched in 1892, Maha Chakrkri was scrapped in 1916-1917. Her engines, despite their age and obsolescence, were salvaged and installed in a new armed yacht of the same name, which served until 1952.

Correct answers were received from: Sergey Myagkov, James T. Flynn, Jr., Jack Ray, Barry Gerrard, John Duerkop, Yves Grangeon, Michael Lowrey, Espen Arnestad, Manas Iksanov, John Bradford, Brian Viglietti, Per Provencher, Tim Kelly, Colleen Christensen, Mike Morris, Bill Ullmann, Mike Cooper, Edgar Dutkowski, Ed Taillon, Charles W. Vinson, Butch Roberts, Kathy Bennett, John Ferguson, Tony Modesto, Mike Chi, Sandra Santos, Jim Acosta, Joe Donahoe, Randy Cunningham, Michael P. Morley.

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