Haze Gray Mystery Picture #105 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Japanese amphibious ship Osumi (LST 4001).

This new ship, although bearing a tank landing ship designation (LST) and presenting the appearance of a helicopter assault ship (LPH), is actually an amphibious transport dock (LPD). She features a docking well for two LCACs at the stern, with a two-spot helicopter deck above. The remainder of the apparent "flight deck" is actually intended as a parking area for vehicles (or aircraft). Some authors have suggested that this clear deck is intended to allow VSTOL aircraft operations in the future, but the wide island superstructure effectively prevents this. These is no hangar deck for aircraft.

Correct answers were received from: Sergey Myagkov, Giorgio Malfanti, Barry Gerrard, Per Nordenberg, Stale Harang, Serge Nemirovsky, James T. Flynn, Jr., William J Bollinger, Timo Herrala, Jason R. Coleman, Joseph White, Stefan Devriendt, Patricio Meezs R., Yves Grangeon, Jens Westergren, Joseph Gambino, kelly jernigan, James Harrison, Sal Mercogliano, Gergely, Philippe Nomerange, Mike Jasinski, Richard Boss, Joe Varner, W. L. Stunkel, Stewart Bisgrove, Mike Penny, Les Winner, Vincent Kumaradjaja, Eelke Toering, Kent Eliassen, Bill Rhodes, Chris Jones, Curt Crosby, Tim Butcher, Mark Robinson, Rick Heinbaugh, Shih Ming-Der, Ka Wing Lo, Espen Arnestad, Duncan Connors, Phil Burks, Iksanov Manas, Stan Prichard, Lars Eriksson, Dave Schueler, Peter VanMaasdam, James Rothbart, Jim Thayer, Ryder Gary, Mark Karolus, Dale Shantz, Joe Costanzo, Rob, John Winsley, John Gilbert, Masaki Ogasawara, Randy Townsend, Miguel Larrea-Torres, Garth Kidman, Massimiliano Stola, Rob Locke, Bill Ullmann, Ian M Synge, Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke, Mike Mitch, Czéh György, Patrick Vera, Chris Galm, Paul Davison, Ralf Schnyder, John Maynard Keynes, G Crawford, Steve Hissem, Stuart Miller, Anthony Vella, Bruno Perron, Christoph Gaetje, Kurt Greiner, Nick Lowe, Alvin Horhn, Trevor Hollingsbee, Maurizio Brescia, Murat Albayrakoglu, Warren Cressman, John Hendershot, Marco Ghiglino, Sung-Ook, Jung, Robert Lang, Christopher Poulos, David Briedis, Phil Lindquist, Michel Videau, Joe Donahoe, Paul Schmitt, Ed Lilly, Kaare Bleis, Al Gummerson, p.Zepke, Frank Van Horn, Chad Young, Willie Curtis, Cheneviere.

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