Haze Gray Mystery Picture #101 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the hulk of the French battleship Dunkerque, scuttled at Toulon.

Dunkerque and her sister Strasbourg were among the few battleships equipped with two superimposed quadruple turrets, in this case housing 13" guns. Both ships ended up at Toulon when France fell to the Germans and the Vichy government was established. Ultimately both ships, along with the majority of the French fleet at Toulon, were scuttled on 27 November 1942, to deprive the Germans of their use. Dunkerque was scuttled in drydock, where she remains in this post-liberation view. The ship has been heavily damaged by demolitions crews - although it is not clear how much of the damage was done by the French, and how much by the Germans as they were driven out of Toulon. Five of her eight guns barrels have been cut off, her superstructure has been completely demolished, and her bow has been entirely removed back to the forward turret.

The hulk was salvaged in 1945, but remarkably survived until 1958 before being sold for scrapping.

Correct answers were received from: Mike Potter, David Briedis, Sergey Myagkov, Paul Silverstone, Patricio Meezs R., Theodore Leverett, Vince Brannigan, Peter VanMaasdam, William F. Fessenden, Garth Kidman, Bill Vickrey, Dave Shirlaw, Greg Lof, Siemon Wezeman, Yves Grangeon, Joe Poutre, Bill Pellas, Ramiro Cruz, Jack Ray, Maxim N. Foufaev, William Novobilsky, Tom Bateman, James Coffin, Chris V, Espen Arnestad, Rune Aasgaard, Mike Green, Dan Frushour, Chris Galm, Dale Shantz, Tim Butler, Joseph Esposito, Russ Frevele, Jarek Skapski, Olav A. Røssaak, Joe Donahoe, Antonio Veiga, Bill Ullmann, John O'Keefe, William J Bollinger, Stellan Trappe, Edgar Dutkowski, Vittorio Pedemonte, Vladimir Beglov, Seth D. Guy, Aleksander Jaworski, Iksanov Manas, Masaki Ogasawara, Thomas Ruta, Corey DeDolph, Dwayne Nutting, Ed Truitt, Ronald C. Ehlert, Bob Healy, Bob Henneman, James T. Flynn, Jr., Jim Mason, Wouter Trioen, John Bradford, John Kramer, Timothy Crick, Michaël Hamon, Stephen Renouard, Marc Trioen, M. Konieczny, Art Niemoller, Videau Michel, Millica Robertson, Al McCarty, Rolf Kappe, Di Giovanni Giuliano.

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