Haze Gray & Underway

USS Cole
(DDG 67)

The Journey Home (Part II)

Aboard Blue Marlin

The thumbnail images and captions are linked to screen-sized images; larger images are linked to the words "Hi-Rez Image". All photos are US Navy Official photos or US DoD Official photos, except as noted. Additional photos will be added as they become available.

 [THUMBNAIL] Blue Marlin lifting Cole at sunset, 30 October 2000. Blue Marlin's deck is just below the water's surface.

 [THUMBNAIL] Cole lifted high-and-dry aboard Blue Marlin, 31 October 2000.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A second starboard-side view of Cole aboard Blue Marlin.

 [THUMBNAIL] Cole aboard Blue Marlin.

 [THUMBNAIL] A view of Cole aboard Blue Marlin, looking forward.

 [THUMBNAIL] Cole aboard Blue Marlin, showing the overhang of her sonar dome.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] View of Cole and Blue Marlin from the deck of an amphibious ship operating in the area.

 [THUMBNAIL] A distant port-side view of Cole.

 [THUMBNAIL] A closer port-side view.

 [THUMBNAIL] An angled port side view.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A view of Cole's port side aboard Blue Marlin. A USN landing craft (LCU) is alongside, probably transferring equipment to the deckship.

 [THUMBNAIL] Cole aboard Blue Marlin. Note that holes have been cut in Blue Marlin's deck to clear Cole's propellers.

 [THUMBNAIL] A close-up view of Cole's damaged area.

 [THUMBNAIL] A second close-up view of the damage.

 [THUMBNAIL] Blue Marlin and Cole are barely visible on the horizon off the South African coast on 18 November, soon after entering the Atlantic. The ships were about 6 miles offshore, about 7.5 miles from the photographer.

 [THUMBNAIL] A view looking aft on Blue Marlin's deck (forward on Cole), showing the cradle and sea fastenings used to secure the destroyer aboard.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A closeup view of Cole's starboard propeller, showing the slot cut in Blue Marlin's deck to accommodate it.
[Hi-Rez Image]

See The Journey Home III for photos of Cole arriving in the US.

Haze Gray & Underway
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