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USS Cole
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The thumbnail images and captions are linked to screen-sized images; larger images are linked to the words "Hi-Rez Image". All photos are US Navy Official photos or US DoD Official photos, except as noted. Additional photos will be added as they become available.

 [THUMBNAIL] Ingalls crews weld a 60x60 foot patch over the hole in preparation for refloating Cole, 22 December 2000.
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 [THUMBNAIL] As Blue Marlin submerges, tugs stand by to move Cole to a pier at Ingalls, 24 December 2000. Ingalls' west bank shipyard is in the background, with a DDG under construction at right, and the floating drydock behind Blue Marlin and Cole.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Tugs move Cole to Pier 4 at Ingalls' east bank yard, 24 December 2000.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A view of Ingalls' "west bank" shipyard on 7 January 2001, with Cole lifted high-and-dry in drydock, at far left. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A closer view of Ingalls' yard on 7 Jan 2001. Cole is in drydock at left; Shoup (DDG 86) and Bulkeley (DDG 84) are fitting out at right, and Preble (DDG 88) is taking shape on the construction facility, beyond Shoup. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A continuation of the previous view, showing the rest of Ingalls' waterfront. Bulkeley (DDG 84) is at left; Iwo Jima (LHD 7) is at center, and Lassen (DDG 82) is beyond the LHD. The two ships in the distance are probably two Venezuelan frigates undergoing overhaul at Ingalls. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A stern-on view of Cole in the drydock at Ingalls, 7 Jan 2001. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A closer stern view of Cole, showing the complex support structure assembled under her stern (and along the rest of the hull) in preparation for movement to the construction facility. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A close-up view of Cole's stern. This view also shows the extent of the patch on her port side. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A stern-on view of Cole's transom, rudders, and props. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] View of Cole's stern and the outboard drydock wingwall. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A broadside view of Cole in the drydock. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A bow view of Cole drydocked. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A bow-on view of Cole in the dock. The sonar dome has been wrapped to protect it from damage. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] A port bow view of Cole, showing the patch installed over the hole. Photo by Ron Thompson.

 [THUMBNAIL] Cole being rolled out of the dock onto the construction facility, 14 January 2001. Note the large number of support beams (approx. 25-30) needed to bear the ship's weight.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another view of Cole being rolled out of the dock onto the construction facility.

 [THUMBNAIL] A close-up view of the ship translations system used to move the ship from the dock to the production facility.

 [THUMBNAIL] A starboard-side view of Cole under repair at Ingalls.

 [THUMBNAIL] Cole is dwarfed by Ingalls' 600 ton gantry crane as she undergoes repairs.

 [THUMBNAIL] A closer stern view of Cole under repair.

 [THUMBNAIL] A view of the bomb-damaged area on the port side, looking forward. At this stage the structural repair work appears to be complete up to the main deck level.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another view of the same area, looking aft.

 [THUMBNAIL] The "stern flap" being installed on Cole's transom. This appendage is intended to reduce fuel consumption by changing flow patterns around the hull; it is being installed on many of the DDGs.

 [THUMBNAIL] A view of Cole back on the drydock, preparing for re-launch. The ship was rolled from the production facility into the dock during late August, 2001.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Cole afloat after her re-launching, 14 September 2001. The relaunching had been scheduled for the 15th, but was moved up a day due to security concerns following the Pentagon and World Trade Center attacks.
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