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World War II Canadian Ship Listing


The ships listed here were commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy between the years 1930 and 1945, and served in the Second World War. The Royal Canadian Navy started the war with a handful of destroyers and minor warships, and ended the war as the third largest Allied Navy (by numbers of ships).

World War II Canadian Navy Ships
Escort Carriers AMEER class escort carrier (2)
Cruisers CEYLON & SWIFTSURE classes light cruiser (2)
Armed Merchant Cruisers
PRINCE class armed merchant cruiser (3)
Destroyers 'V' class (DD) destroyer (2)
TRIBAL class (DD) destroyer (4)
TOWN class (DD) destroyer (8)
RIVER class (DD) destroyer (14)
Frigates LOCH class (FF) AA frigate (3)
RIVER class (FF) frigate (67)
Corvettes / Dedicated ASW CASTLE class corvette (12)
Revised FLOWER class corvette (41)
FLOWER class corvette (70)
WESTERN ISLES class ASW trawler (8)
Mine Countermeasures Ships / Convoy Escorts ALGERINE class convoy escort (12)
BANGOR class minesweeper/convoy escort (54)
FUNDY class minesweeper (4)
LLEWELLYN class minesweeper (10)
LAKE class minesweeper (16)

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