(AOR) multi-cargo supply ship

This ship was the first dedicated replenishment ship built for the Canadian Navy. She was paid off during the summer of 1998, immediately after participating in the MARCOT exercise for that year. Originally posted on the East coast, her exposed lower deck made her unsuited for this placement, and she was transferred to the West coast when the first of the two new replenishment vessels became available.

In the summer of 2002, PROVIDER was taken under tow by the tug Sirocco for the Greek islands where she is supposed to be used as a towed supply barge.


Displacement: 22,700 tons full load 
Dimensions: 168 x 23.17 x 9.5 meters (551 x 76 x 31 feet) 
Propulsion: 2 water tube boilers, double reduction geared turbine, 1 shaft, 21,000 shp, 20 knots 
Crew: 166 
Aviation: aft helicopter deck with hangar; 3 CH-124A Sea King helicopters 
Cargo: 14,200 tons fuel, 250 tons munitions, provisions, spares 
Armament: helo launched Mk.46 Mod 5 torpedoes 

Paid Off


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Provider under tow
PROVIDER leaves Halifax under tow for the Greek Islands. Water plumes can be seen thrown forth from the water cannons on FIREBIRD, the Navy auxiliary firefighting tug. (2002)
Provider under tow
PROVIDER leaves Halifax under tow. (2002)
HMCS PROVIDER and HMCS BONAVENTURE sometime between 1963 and 1970. DND photo.
PROVIDER in Halifax Harbour. ('97) Sandy McClearn photo.
The aft two-thirds of PROVIDER. Note the open lower deck, or "jungle deck", which made PROVIDER unsuited for service on the North Atlantic. Shown here in Halifax, she was filling in for PRESERVER, which at the time was undergoing an extensive refit. ('97) Sandy McClearn photo.
An earlier photo of PROVIDER. DND photo.
PROVIDER again. The forward mast, still fitted here, was been removed in a later refit. DND photo, Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw.

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