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Canadian Navy Photo Archive 1

This is intended as a place to present photos of ships and other things related to the Canadian Navy that do not belong in other sections of these web pages.

Photo Archive 1
The former CSS Acadia. Acadia was a hydrographic ship for the Canadian Hydrographic Service, but served with the Navy during both world wars, and is the only ship afloat to claim this honour (that I know of). ('96) Sandy McClearn photo.
Acadia served the CHS until 1969. She now rests at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax. ('96) Sandy McClearn photo.
Firebird, a firefighting tug in the Canadian Navy. In the background can be seen HMCS OJIBWA, one of the Navy's three OBERON class submarines.('97) Sandy McClearn photo.
Firebird in Halifax Harbour, on the occasion of the departure of Canada's contribution to Operation Apollo. (2001)
A GLEN class tug of the Candian Navy, on the occasion of the departure of Canada's contribution to Operation Apollo. These tugs rely on two Voith Schneider cycloidal or "eggbeater" propulsion units which can drive the tug in any direction. They can reportedly go faster astern than they can forward. (2001) Sandy McClearn photo.
A GLEN class tug underway in Halifax Harbour. (2001)
A site from the past never to be seen again (at least not with the money the Navy is getting these days): a Canadian carrier battle group. The carrier is HMCS BONAVENTURE. Note the two PRESTONIAN class frigates in the background. DND photo.
A Canadian battle group, consisting of an AOR, several of the steamers, three members of the Tribal class, and two subs (one not in the picture). DND photo. 
The naval base at Esquimalt. Note the RIVER class frigate, in a postwar configuration as a weather ship with guns removed, at the wharf on the left. Photo from the BC Public Archives.
HMCS PORTE ST. JEAN, on a Great Lakes tour. The PORTEs are named after gates in the French fortifications in Quebec City and Louisbourg, and were originally designed to operate anti-submarine booms. All have been paid off . ('86) Steve Wilton photo.
PORTE ST. JEAN ran into a little bit of a storm while on her Great Lakes tour. ('86) Steve Wilton photo.
Who says the Great Lakes aren't rough? ('86) Steve Wilton photo.
HMCS FORT STEELE, another patrol boat/training craft in the Navy. Note HMCS PRESERVER (AOR 510) in the background. Steve Wilton photo. 
The Sailor statue on the Halifax waterfront, a monument to all the sailors who have sailed out of Halifax Harbour. ('97) Sandy McClearn photo.
HMCS ORIOLE, the Navy sail training yacht. DND photo. 
BLUETHROAT, AGOR 114, an auxiliary. DND photo. 
Rapid, shown here in Coast Guard colours. In the 1980s, she and her sisters were transferred to the Navy for use as training ships. 
HMCS DUNDALK, a small tanker used to ferry fuel oil from the Halifax refineries to other East Coast bases. Her sister, DUNDURN, is in use as a breakwater at a yacht club in BC. DND photo. 
For Canada's 100th birthday, a large NATO fleet descended upon Halifax Harbour. HMCS PROVIDER is in the foreground, and USS NEWPORT NEWS is immediately aft. ('67) A.S. Mowat photo.
Another view of the 1967 NATO fleet. ('67) A.S. Mowat photo.
More of the 1967 NATO fleet. ('67) A.S. Mowat photo.
SACKVILLE and ACADIA at night. ('97) 
This is CNAV LAHAVE, AGH 131. She was used by the NRE (later DREA) between 1951-58. She remained laid up near this same wharf until the late 1970s, and at one point was partially sunk. Thanks to those who identified her for me. ('67) A.S. Mowat photo.
PROVIDER and NEWPORT NEWS again. ('67) A.S. Mowat photo.
A beautiful view of an unnamed ST. LAURENT class ship on a misty harbour. A.S. Mowat photo.
A ST. LAURENT lies under the MacDonald Bridge as the sun sets over Halifax Harbour. A.S. Mowat photo.
The 112' 'B' class motor launch, known as the Fairmile, were used for local ASW patrol, port defence, and rescue duties; by being deployed to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, they allowed larger ships to be freed up for duty elsewhere. DND photo, Courtesy of Bill Croshaw. 
HMCS CORDOVA, originally YMS.420 of the USN, was purchased by the RCN in 1951. She served until 1957. DND photo, Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw.
HMCS PORTE ST. JEAN from the air. DND photo, Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw.
HMCS PRESERVER served primarily as a Fairmile base supply ship during WW2. She was sold to the Peruvian Navy in 1946, and was scrapped in 1961. DND photo, Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw.
HMCS PROVIDER also served as a Fairmile base, and served as such in the Caribbean when there was a shortage of escorts there. Like PRESERVER, she was sold Peruvian in 1946. DND photo, Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw.


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