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Until the amalgamation of the three Canadian armed services into the Canadian Armed Forces in the late 1960s, the Navy operated several types of aircraft. After the amalgamation, however, all Navy aircraft were turned over to the air force under the auspices of the Maritime Air Group. By that time, the Navy was only left with the Sea King and the Tracker; included here are photos of those aircraft since the amalgamation, and thus they are not technically Navy aircraft, but are included due to their close proximity to naval operations. This is a look at some of the aircraft that have served the Navy over the years.

Canadian Naval Aviation Photo Archive
A Fairey Firefly on the deck of a carrier, possibly HMCS MAGNIFICENT. Fireflies were used primarily from HMCS WARRIOR, but seem to have served a short time on Maggie. DND photo.
A Supermarine Seafire, similar to the Spitfire. These flew from WARRIOR. DND photo.
A Hawker Sea Fury on the deck of MAGNIFICENT. DND photo.
A Sea Fury on the deck of a carrier with a Firefly in the background. DND photo.
The Grumman Avenger was a WWII era plane that flew from MAGNIFICENT as an ASW aircraft. DND photo.
The Sikorsky H04-S served on both MAGNIFICENT and BONAVENTURE, although on Bonnie in much reduced numbers; one helo was retained after the Sea Kings were acquired for use as a plane guard. DND photo.
An H04-S on the deck of the Maggie. DND photo.
This Tracker operated with AETE at the time of this photo, and is testing the CRV-7 rocket as part of the Tracker's anti-shipping mission.DND photo.
The Grumman Tracker flew from the Bonnie as an ASW aircraft until she was sold for scrap in 1970. The Trackers were then turned over to the air force, where they served in the maritime patrol mission until 1990. DND photo.
The Vertol PD-18 / HUP-3 served in the Navy between 1954 and 1964. DND photo.
The McDonnell Banshee was the only jet to serve with the Navy, and flew off the Bonnie. The Banshee is the only Canadian aircraft other than the CF-18 Hornet to carry the Sidewinder missile. They served until the early 1960s when the Bonnie was redesignated an ASW carrier. DND photo. 
 A Banshee flies over Halifax Harbour. Note HMC Dockyard in the background, with Maggie and one of the cruisers (presumably) under the bridge. Various other ships can be seen as well. DND photo.
A Sea Fury and Banshee fly in formation. DND photo.
A Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King files over an American nuclear submarine. DND photo.
A Sea King with rotors and tail folded for ship borne storage. Corvus Publishing Ltd./Canada's Navy photo.
A Sea King escorts a Slava missile cruiser of the former USSR into Halifax Harbour. DND photo.
A Sea King hovers over the helo deck of HMCS PRESERVER. Sea Kings can be used in the ASW role from the AORs, or it can be used for airborne replenishment. DND photo.
This Sea King was taken from HMCS PROTECTEUR. DND photo.
A Sea King on the helo deck of HMCS ATHABASKAN. Note that the helo is locked down to the Beartrap helicopter retrieval system, seen underneath the helo. Sandy McClearn photo.
A Sea King flies with HMCS TERRA NOVA in the background. DND photo.
A Sea King crewman hangs from the rescue hoist over Halifax Harbour...perilous indeed!  :)  Sandy McClearn photo.
A Sea King over Halifax Harbour. Sandy McClearn photo.

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