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Operation Apollo

On Wednesday October 17th, 2001, three ships left HMC Dockyard in Halifax under grey skies as a part of Operation Apollo in the Middle East. HMC Ships IROQUOIS, CHARLOTTETOWN, and PRESERVER are headed to the Persian Gulf where they will provide escort to ships of the US Navy. Despite cloudy skies and the chance of rain, a sizable crowd gathered on the piers of Halifax Harbour to wish the ships and their crews farewell. With a total of five ships slated to head to the Middle East, these ships are part of the largest Canadian naval deployment since the Korean War.

Best wishes to the crews and their families!

Operation Apollo
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The schooner Highlander Sea was present to show support for the crews of the ships as they left Halifax for their six-month deployment.
Highlander Sea.
IROQUOIS making her appearance from behind Cable Wharf. Some of the crowd of well-wishers can be seen on the wharf.
IROQUOIS and some of the fleet of private craft that made an appearance.
IROQUOIS is one of four IROQUOIS class air defence destroyers and command ships. They were build in the 1970s, but have received substantial refits and upgrades in the last ten years.
CHARLOTTETOWN is a HALIFAX class frigate, one of twelve ships, and one of three that are being deployed for Operation Apollo. 
The crew of CHARLOTTETOWN, dressed in yellow foul weather gear, are gathered on deck as she leaves the harbour.
More well-wishers can be seen on an adjacent pier, with CHARLOTTETOWN passing in the background. 
PRESERVER is one of two replenishment ships currently in the Canadian Navy. She will carry stores and fuel for the rest of the ships during this deployment, and also has medical facilities on board. Two of the Halifax Harbour ferries can be seen to the left, along with FIREBIRD, the Navy's firefighting tug.
PRESERVER is in the background, as one of many in the crowd waves a Canadian Flag.
The crew of PRESERVER gathered on deck.
PRESERVER, as may be evident from this photo, is (with her sister-ship PROTECTEUR) by far the largest ship in the Canadian Navy.
From left to right: FIREBIRD, PRESERVER, CHARLOTTETOWN, and IROQUOIS. Good luck!

On Station


Iroquois 1
HMCS IROQUOIS shown on station as a part of Operation Apollo. When this photo was taken she was providing escort for USS BATAAN, a WASP class amphibious assault ship of the US Navy. Photo courtesy of USS BATAAN.
Iroquois 2
IROQUOIS approaching USS BATAAN. Photo courtesy of USS BATAAN.
Iroquois 3
IROQUOIS launching her RHIB, or Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat. Photo courtesy of USS BATAAN.
Iroquois 4
IROUQOIS. Photo courtesy of USS BATAAN.
Iroquois 5
A good broadside view of IROQUOIS. Photo courtesy of USS BATAAN.

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