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Current Canadian 

Ship Listing


Current Canadian Navy Listing
Concept (DDG) air defence / anti-submarine destroyer (0)
IROQUOIS class (DDH) air defence / anti-submarine destroyer (3)
HALIFAX class (FFH) multi-purpose frigate (12)
VICTORIA class (SSK) submarine (4)
Mine Countermeasures Ships
KINGSTON class (MM) Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (12)
Replenishment Vessels
Concept (AOR) multi-role support vessel (0)
PROTECTEUR class (AOR) multi-cargo supply ship (2)
Auxiliary and Other Vessels
QUEST (AGOR) research ship (1)
ORCA (PCT) class training vessel (8)
Other Auxiliaries (tugs, fire fighting tug, diving support)
Aircraft *
Sea King (CH-124) large shipborne anti-submarine helicopter (28)
Cyclone (CH-148) large shipborne anti-submarine helicopter (28 ordered)
Aurora & Arcturus (CP-140 & CP 140A) maritime patrol aircraft (18 + 3)
* Aircraft are operated by the Canadian Air Force.

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