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The World Battleship Lists are a comprehensive, detailed listing of the world's battleships, monitors, major ironclads, battlecruisers, large cruisers, and related vessels. The lists currently cover ALL US Navy ships, from the start of the ironclad era to the present day, and non-US battleships and battlecruisers from 1906 (the start of the Dreadnought era) to the present day.

When completed, the lists will include every battleship, monitor, major ironclad, battlecruiser and large cruiser ever built or planned, with complete technical data, historical sketches and photographs of most ships, where possible. Currently the US Navy lists are at this level of detail, with approximately 250 photographs linked to the lists.

World Battleship Lists
United States
All Other Nations

Corrections, Comments, Suggestions: Despite our vigorous efforts make this work as error-free as possible, some mistakes are sure to slip through. If you find an error, please send email to Andrew Toppan (actoppan@hazegray.org), being sure to state the exact nature of the error, and the list in which it was found. We'll resolve the error and make any necessary corrections. We also welcome comments, suggestions and additional material, which will be incorporated as time allows. However, please DO NOT send binary files (photographs) without contacting us first, to avoid overflowing mailboxes. Thank you!

Copyrights: The World Battleship Lists are Copyright © 1995-2001 by Andrew Toppan. The lists may not be redistributed or published, in whole or in part, for any purpose without prior written permission. The lists are not in the public domain. Please send email to Andrew Toppan if you would like to publish or distribute the lists. Unauthorized republication or distribution of these lists or the data contained herein will not be tolerated.

Photo Credits: Uncredited photos are, to the best of our knowledge, "official" photos from government sources such as the US Navy, Ministry of Defense, Royal Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, US National Archives, Fleet Air Arm Museum, or other similar organization around the world. Such photos are in the public domain. All other photos are credited as to source and are used in accordance with applicable copyright laws. If there are any questions regarding photo credits or copyrights, please contact us and we will resolve the matter promptly.

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