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We wish to express our profound sympathy to the families and friends of the men and women killed and injured aboard USS Cole.

At times like these we must all reflect on the sacrifices made by the sailors who voluntarily go "In Harm's Way" to defend freedom and pursue peace. They willingly face these dangers every day - even in seemingly "safe" places, as so terribly demonstrated by this attack.

There are now approximately 5,500 messages in the Book of Condolences. Because these messages are meant for the crew and family of Cole, I have decided not to release them to the general public. If you are a member of Cole's crew, their family, or part of the naval community involved with the rescue and salvage efforts, please send email to actoppan@hazegray.org for instructions on viewing the messages.

-Andrew Toppan

Additional Information

Photo Galleries

 [THUMBNAIL] Photos of USS Cole - General Views
At Aden and prior to the attack.

 [THUMBNAIL] Close-up and onboard photos of the damage

 [THUMBNAIL] The Journey Home Part I
From Aden to the open sea, and positioning on Blue Marlin.

 [THUMBNAIL] The Journey Home Part II
Lifted aboard Blue Marlin & underway to the US.

 [THUMBNAIL] The Journey Home Part III
Arrival at Pascagoula

 [THUMBNAIL] Ceremonies & Tributes
Memorial services, remains ceremonies, flags, wreaths, burials.
Also includes the USS Cole memorial at Norfolk.

 [THUMBNAIL] Supporting forces - naval vessels and the Marines.

Onboard after the attack, and returning home.

 [THUMBNAIL] Repairs, Refloating, Drydocking

 [THUMBNAIL] Deckship Blue Marlin

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