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Volume 1B

"B" Ships

The original Volume 1 of DANFS, containing ships with "A" and "B" names, is long out of print. A new Volume 1A, containing "A" ships only, has been published, but no listing of "B" ships is currently available. To fill this gap, we have made a special effort to transcribe the entire "B" section of the original Volume 1. By placing all the "B" histories online, these records are once again readily accessible to the public, without the need to search for a rare copy of the old Volume 1 publication.

These histories have been transcribed by Larry Jewell with HTML markup and final formatting by Andrew Toppan.

DANFS Online: Volume 1B
These files have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the 1964 reprinting of Volume 1 of The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (originally published 1959). They have not been updated, edited or corrected.

Part 1: B-1 through Bamberg County (Pages 80-89)
Part 2: Banago through Barrier (Pages 90-99)
Part 3: Barrow through Beaufort (Pages 100-109)
Part 4: Beaumont through Bergen (Pages 110-119)
Part 5: Bering Strait through Bladen (Pages 120-129)
Part 6: Blair through Bonefish (Pages 130-139)
Part 7: Bonhomme Richard through Bragg (Pages 140-149)
Part 8: Braine through Broad Arrow (Pages 150-159)
Part 9: Broadbill through Buck (Pages 160-169)
Part 10: Buckeye through Burrows (Pages 170-179)
Part 11: Burton Island through Buttress (Pages 180-183)

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These histories are taken from Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (US Naval Historical Center, 1959-1991). The histories may not reflect the most recent information concerning the ships' status and operations.

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