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Broken/Incorrect Link Please use the DANFS Comment Submission Form to report this problem. Be sure to specify exactly which link is causing the problem, and whether it is "broken" (File Not Found error) or leads to the wrong ship's history.

Locating the history of a ship Ship histories are divided by ship types, and are listed in numerical or alphabetical order within each type grouping. A full alphabetical listing will be added in the future.

If you're having trouble finding a ship, try our new Search Feature.

If you can't find a certain ship, it probably isn't on the website yet. See the next box below for additional information.

"Missing" ship history Many ships are not yet listed on this website, because this site is a "work in progress". Although we are constantly adding more histories, we simply have not had time to include the tens of thousands of histories that would be required to cover "all" US Navy ships. This is an all-volunteer effort!

We do intend to include all US Navy ships eventually. We cannot predict when a particular ship will be added to the site, and the "importance" of a ship is not a factor in deciding when that ship will be added to the site.

Please do not become angry or take offense because we have not listed a particular ship!! We are not intentionally leaving any ship out, but we simply have not yet had time to include all the histories.

Do not send email requesting addition of a ship history, asking why a ship is not listed, or asking when a ship will be added to the site. The answers are in the preceeding three paragraphs. We are well aware of which ships are and are not included in the site - you don't need to "tell us" that a ship is "missing".

A history isn't up-to-date, or information is omitted. These histories are direct transcriptions of histories published by the Naval Historical Center in the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.. The Dictionary was published in 9 volumes, between 1959 and 1991. The histories are up-to-date through the original publication date of the volume in which they were printed.

Because these histories are direct transcriptions of the original Navy-published histories, we cannot add information that was "omitted" from the original publication, nor can we re-write histories to include information subsequent to the original publication.

Errors/Typos Please use the DANFS Comment Submission Form to report suspected errors or typos.

Typographical errors will be verified and corrected during the next site update.

Factual errors will be checked, and if warranted an editoral note will be included in the history file. However, because this is a direct transcription of the original Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, we cannot re-write the histories to include new or additional information.

Requesting the history of a ship We cannot accept requests for specific ship histories. All ships will be added to the site in due time. We cannot predict when a specific ship history will be added.

Locating photos of a ship We are not able to provide hardcopy photos of any sort. We cannot provide digital images beyond those already on the Hazegray website.

Please see the following two documents for information about obtaining hardcopy photos:

Crew Reunions and Associations We have no information about crew reunions or associations.

Please see http://www.fra.org/reunions/ for information on this subject.

Logs, Crew Lists, Personnel Records We have no access to ship's logs, crew lists, or personnel records.

See http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/ships/faq/.www/logs.html for information about logs and crew lists.

See http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/questions/nrecords.html for information about personnel records.

General Naval Questions Please see the following Frequently Asked Questions documents:

Other Comments and Suggestions Please use the DANFS Comment Submission Form to submit comments, suggestions and the like.

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These histories are taken from Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (US Naval Historical Center, 1959-1991). The histories may not reflect the most recent information concerning the ships' status and operations.

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