From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships

John M. Howard

John Martin Howard was born 20 August 1917 in Chester, Pa., and enlisted in the Naval Reserve 22 June 1935. After training duty 1940-41 at the Naval Reserve Midshipman's School, Howard was appointed Ensign 28 February 1941. After serving at Washington Navy Yard and at the Bureau of Ordnance, Howard was assigned temporary duty at the American Embassy, London. He was killed 11 June 1942 as a result of an accidental mine explosion.

(IX - 75: dp. 94; l. 87'; b. 20'; s. 9 k.)

John M. Howard (IX-75) was built in Camden, N.J., in 1934 as Elsie Fenimore, and purchased from her owner, E. R. Fenimore Johnson, 2 July 1942. She was placed in service at Philadelphia 29 July. Taken to Washington, D.C., and renamed John M. Howard 17 August 1942, she commissioned there 1 September 1942.

During the war the ship was used for ordnance experiments, operating out of Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Washington, D.C., to Chesapeake Bay and various Atlantic coast ports. She decommissioned 9 May 1945 at the Washington Navy Yard and was placed in service until 16 November 1945. She was returned to the Maritime Commission for disposal 24 January 1946.

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