From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


The junior flag officer rank, standing between captain and rear admiral.


IX - 7: dp. 2,200 l. 265'5" b. 42'2" dr. 15'5" a. 1 x 4"

The third Commodore (IX-7) was built in 1875 at Cleveland, Ohio; purchased by the Navy at Chicago, Ill., 1 September 1918; and stationed at Chicago under command of Captain E. A. Evers, USNRF.

Until 30 April 1919 she served as a receiving ship and thereafter as a Naval Reserve Armory. No longer required for this duty following completion of the new Chicago Naval Reserve Armory in 1930, Commodore was decommissioned 10 March 1930. Her hulk was dismantled and demolished by Naval Reservists by January 1931.

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