From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships


Joseph John Julius Dobler, born 19 November 1918 in Menlo, Wash., enlisted in the Naval Reserve 14 December 1939 and was appointed aviation cadet 29 January 1940. On active duty from 22 October 1940 with Scouting Squadron 6, in Enterprise (CV-6), Lieutenant Dobler was killed in action 30 January 1943 during the battle of Rennell Island when American aircraft fought off Japanese air attacks on a task force covering the movement of transports to Guadalcanal.

(DE - 48: dp. 1,140; l. 289'5"; b. 35'1"; dr. 8'3"; s. 21 k.; cpl. 156; a. 3 3", 8 dcp., 1 dcp.(hh.), 2 dct.; cl. Evarts) Dobler (DE-48) was launched 24 July 1942 as BDE-48 by Philadelphia Navy Yard, intended for transfer to Great Britain; retained for use by the U.S. Navy; and commissioned 17 May 1943, Lieutenant Commander A. J. Smith in command. Dobler voyaged to Port Arthur, Tex., on escort duty between 15 and 28 July 1943, then served as training ship. Reassigned to transatlantic convoy duty, from 27 August 1943 to 14 June 1945 Dobler made 11 voyages from Boston, Norfolk and New York to Bizerte, Tunisia; Oran, Algeria; and Palermo, Sicily. On 11 May 1944 her convoy was attacked off the north African coast by a large number of torpedo and bombing planes which she aided in driving away before they could damage the convoy. From 18 July to 10 September 1945 Dobler had training duty at New London. She arrived at New York 11 September and was decommissioned there 2 October 1945. Dobler was sold for scrap 12 July 1946. Dobler received one battle star for World War II service.

Transcribed by Yves HUBERT