From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships


Jacques Rodney Eisner, born 25 July 1918 in Red Bank, N.J., enlisted in the Naval Reserve 7 October 1940 and was appointed a midshipman in the Reserve 6 March 1941. Lieutenant (junior grade) Eisner was killed in action during the Battle of Guadalcanal 13 November 1942 while serving in San Francisco (CA-38).


The name Eisner was assigned to DE-269 on 23 February 1943, canceled and reassigned to DE-28 on 14 June 1943, and again canceled and reassigned to DE-192 on 14 July 1943. DE-269 was transferred to the United Kingdom on 3 September 1943 and served in the Royal Navy as HMS Domett. She was returned to United States custody after World War II and sold on 3 June 1947. DE-28 was renamed Emery (q. v.).


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