Frank Stanley Reasoner was born 16 September 1937 in Spokane, Wash. Enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1955, he reached the rank of sergeant prior to entering the U.S. Military Academy in 1958. At West Point, he won four consecutive brigade boxing championships. Graduated in June 1962, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.


Arriving in Vietnam in April 1965, 1st Lt. Frank Reasoner died in action near Danang, Vietnam, 12 July. That day he led a five-man reconnaissance patrol into enemy-controlled territory. He killed two enemy soldiers, and destroyed an automatic weapons position. He died as he aided a wounded Marine. For his bravery in battle and his concern for the wounded, Frank Reasoner was awarded the Medal of Honor.


(DE-1063: dp. 4,100 (f.); l. 438'; b. 46'9"; dr. 24'9"; s. 27 k.; cpl. 220; a. 1 5", 1 ASROC, 4 Mk. 32 tt.; cl. Knox)


Reasoner (DE-1063) was laid down 6 January 1969 by Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Co., Seattle, Wash.; launched 1 August 1970; cosponsored by Mrs. James C. Curry and Mrs. Robert Svinger. Reasoner was commissioned 31 July 1971, Comdr. Francisco Velazquez-Suarez, USN, commanding.


Reasoner was homeported at San Diego, Calif. where she spent the remainder of 1971. On 22 January 1972, she moved to Long Beach, Calif., for an extended period of modification and equipment additions. She departed from Long Beach 9 November and returned to San Diego. After refresher training in the southern California operations area and two months of normal operations around San Diego, Reasoner sailed for her first deployment-in the western Pacific.


After six months employment in the Far East, she returned to San Diego in late September 1973. She is operating out of San Diego as of January 1974.