(TB-25: dp. 187; l. 167'; b. 17'8"; dr. 4'11"; s. 29 k.; cpl 29; a. 3 1-pdr., 3 18" TT.; cl. Bagley)

The first Barney (Torpedo boat No. 25) was launched 28 July 1900 by Bath Iron Works sponsored by Miss Esther Nicholson Barney, great-grand. daughter of Commodore Barney; and commissioned 21 October 1901, Ensign C. A. Abele in command.

Barney sailed from Newport 6 November 1901 for Port Royal, S. C.. where she went into reserve. In 1902 she was assigned to the North Atlantic Station and cruised along the east coast and in the West Indies until 1903 when she proceeded to Norfolk and went into reserve 19 February 1903. Between 1903 and 1908 Barney was attached to the Reserve Torpedo Flotilla at Norfolk.

On 1 July 1908 Barney was placed in full commission and assigned to the 3d Torpedo Flotilla. In December 1908 she was again assigned to the Reserve Torpedo Flotilla and until March 1914 was based successively at Norfolk, Charleston and Annapolis. She was placed in ordinary at Annapolis 13 March 1914. On 10 June 1915 she was ordered to temporary duty with the District of Columbia Naval Militia and made training cruises in the Potomac River until 1 September 1915. She then returned to the Reserve Torpedo Division at Annapolis. On 28 February 1916 Barney was ordered to Philadelphia Navy Yard where she was placed in ordinary 5 March and out of commission 21 November 1916.

In May 1917 she was towed to Charleston Navy Yard and after undergoing repairs, she was recommissioned 6 September 1917. She proceeded to Norfolk where she patrolled in and around Hampton Roads and outer Chesapeake Bay. Bay was renamed Coast Torpedo Boat No. 11, 1 August 1918. On 17 January 1919 she returned to Philadelphia; went out of commission 11 March 1919; and was sold 19 July 1920.