(TB-24: dp. 107; l. 157'; b. 17'7"; dr. 4'11"; s. 29 k.; cpl. 28; a. 3 1-pdr., 3 18" TT.; cl. Bagley)

The first Bagley (Torpedo Boat No. 24) was launched 26 September 1900 by Bath Iron Works, Ltd., Bath, Maine; sponsored by Mrs. Josephus Daniels, sister of Ensign Bagley; and commissioned 18 October 1901, Ensign W. M Dowell in command.

Bagley operated along the east coast until going into reserve at Norfolk Navy Yard 19 February 1903. On 14 September 1907 she was placed in full commission and reported to the Naval Academy. She remained on duty at the Academy until 13 March 1914 when she was placed in ordinary at Annapolis.

Recommissioned 29 March 1917 Bagley was fitted out at New York and attached to the Harbor Entrance Patrol 3d Naval District. Operating from the Marine Base, Brooklyn, N. Y., her duties of patrolling, scouting ahead of the convoys leaving harbor, observation, and escorting were continuous until she was demobilized in 1919. On 1 August 1918 Bagley was redesignated and renamed Coast Torpedo Boat No. 10. She was decommissioned 12 March 1919 and sold 9 April 1919.