Hull IV

(DD-945: dp. 3,990 fl.; l. 418'; b. 45'; dr. 14'9"; s. over 30 k.; cpl. 324; a. 3 5", 4 3", 4 21" tt., 1 dct.; cl. Forrest Sherman)

The fourth Hull (DD-945) was launched by Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, 10 August 1957; sponsored by Mrs. Albert G. Mumma, and commissioned 3 July 1958, Commander H. H. Ries in command.

Hull conducted her shakedown training in New England waters, steaming out of Newport 7 September 1958 to join the Pacific Fleet at San Diego. Arriving 13 October via the Panama Canal, she took part in fleet training exercises until departing for the Far East 15 April 1959. During this cruise she operated with the mighty 7th Fleet on Formosa Patrol, helping express America's determination to protect the island and maintain peace in the area. She returned to San Diego 3 September 1959 and after training operations sailed again for the Far East 7 July 1960. On this cruise she added hunter-killer group training to regular Formosa Patrol. Hull stopped at various ports in the region before returning to San Diego 26 November 1960.

The destroyer engaged in readiness exercises during January-August 1961, departing 31 August for another deployment to the strategic Far East. She operated off Formosa and in the South China sea, expressing American protection of the Southeast Asian countries in the fight against Communism. After fleet operations in Hawaiian waters she arrived San Diego 14 February 1962.

As the introduction of offensive missiles into Cuba precipitated another Cold War crisis, Hull sailed from San Diego 28 October 1962 to escort amphibious forces to the Canal Zone to strengthen American defenses and show her determination to resist incursion into the Western Hemisphere. As the crisis abated, again attesting to the power and importance of mobile seapower, Hull ret turned to her regular operations out of San Diego. She sailed once more for the Far East 17 October 1963, operating out of Subic Bay through December until returning to San Diego 16 April 1964. Hull operated on the West Coast until getting underway for the Orient 27 April 1965. During the deployment, she made three patrols off Vietnam. On 16 July she rescued an American flyer who had splashed in the Gulf of Tonkin. On 29 August she effectively shelled enemy strong points near Chu Lai. The veteran destroyer returned to San Diego 10 November.

Hull departed San Diego 18 January 1966 for the Long Beach Naval Shipyard and an overhaul until 26 April. From 12 to 22 July she participated in Exercise "Belaying Pin" off San Diego Then on 17 August Hull departed San Diego for a 6 month WestPac deployment. She was the flagship of Commander Task Unit 70.8.9 for three 30-day patrols off South Vietnam. Between patrols the destroyer visited Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Hong Kong; China, Korea; and Sasebo, Japan. The third war patrol began 21 December and ended 16 January 1967. Hull returned to San Diego in late January, arriving 11 February, for operations into the fall off the West Coast.