Farragut II

(DD-300: dp. 1,190; 1. 314'5", b. 31'8" dr. 9'4";s. 35 k.; cpl. 95; a. 4 4", 12 21" tt.; cl. Clemson)

The second Farragut (DD-300) was launched 21 November 1919 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., San Francisco, Calif., sponsored by Mrs. T. M. Potts and commissioned 4 June 1920, Commander P. L. Wilson in command.

Farragut arrived at San Diego 3 July 1920, and was at once plated in reserve until 31 March 1922. Then she took up a regular training schedule along the west coast, from the Canal Zone to Oregon. On 27 July 1923, at Seattle, she took part in a review taken by President W. G. Harding, on his way home from a visit to Alaska. Returning to San Diego, she, with seven other ships, grounded on a foggy night on Honda Point, 8 September. Farragut alone was able to get clear with only minor damage, while the others remained stranded on the rocky shore.

In both 1924 and 1927, Farragut sailed into the Caribbean for fleet concentrations for maneuvers, in 1927 continuing north to visit New York, Newport, and Norfolk. Her first visit to the Hawaiian Islands was in the summer of 1925, during which she acted as station ship during the flight of seaplanes from the west coast to Hawaii. Again in the spring of 1928 Farragut exercised in the Hawaiians. She was decommissioned at San Diego 1 April 1930, and after scrapping, her materials were sold 31 October 1930 in accordance with the London Treaty for the limitation of naval armaments.